PCR COVID Test in West Palm Beach

Approved by the FDA, PCR or polymerase chain reaction is the gold standard test for diagnosing COVID 19 as it is considered the most accurate and reliable test.

What is a COVID PCR Test?


A PCR or Polymerase Chain Reaction test is done to detect genetic material from a particular organism, such as a virus. The test determines the traces of a virus if you are infected when the test is done. The test can also help find the elements of the virus even after a person is no longer infected. The PCRCOVID test accuracy has been confirmed by the FDA. In this test, a lab technician uses special chemicals, called primers and probes, and a high-tech machine to conduct several controlled heating and cooling cycles to convert the virus’s RNA into DNA, and then makes millions of copies of the DNA, the test has a 99% accuracy for the detection of Covid-19. This test has been approved by the FDA under EUA.

What is Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Polymerase Chain Reaction or PCR refers to a method to analyze a short sequence of DNA or RNA. It can be done even in samples containing only a small amount of DNA or RNA. The aim of PCR is to amplify or reproduce the selected sections of DNA or RNA. Before the introduction of PCR, it took a couple of weeks to clone the segments of interest into vectors for expression in bacteria. But this is not the case with PCR as it is done in test tubes and takes only a few hours. Besides, PCR is highly efficient in that several numbers of copies can be created of the DNA. PCR also uses the same molecules being used by the nature for copying DNA:


Copying of two primers or short single-stranded DNA sequences that corresponds to the beginning and end of the DNA stretch.


A polymerase is an enzyme that runs parallel along the segment of DNA to read its code and assemble a copy.

DNA Blocks:

A pile of DNA building blocks is required by polymerase to make that copy

How to Schedule Your PCR COVID Test?

PCRcovid test accuracy has been confirmed by the FDA. Here is how you can opt for a PCR COVID test. It is simple and quick:

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Can I Use PCRCOVID 19 Test to Travel?

Of course! This PCRCOVID 19 test is valid for traveling anywhere a negative PCR test is needed.

Is Another COVIDPCR Test Required in West Palm Beach?

This PCR test is highly accurate for the detection of COVID-19. If there is a positive result, we recommend repeating the PCR test two weeks after the first positive to determine if the virus is active in the body. Two negative tests are recommended to ensure the virus is no longer active in the body, however, the decision should be made with your healthcare provider. Just contact the nearest PCRcovid testing facility to get the test done. Or you can find it over Google by typing “pcrcoid test near me”.

How is My COVID Testing PCR Sample Collected?

To collect a sample, a swab is used to collect respiratory materials found in the nose. A swab has a soft tip on a long, flexible stick to be inserted into the nose. However, there are several types of nose swabs such as nasal swabs to collect a sample immediately inside the nostrils and nasopharyngeal swabs that can move further into the nasal cavity to collect the materials. Both swabs are ideal for collecting material for COVID 19 PCR test. A tube is used to seal the swab and then transferred to a laboratory. This test is available at your nearest PCR testing COVID lab. Upon receiving the sample a laboratory technologist conducts a process called extraction, which separates genetic material from the sample including genetic material from any present virus. Afterward, special chemicals and a PCR machine called a thermal cycler are used to create a reaction to produce millions of copies of a small portion of the SARS-COV-2 virus’s genetic materials. In this process, one of the chemicals creates a fluorescent light if SARS-CoV-2 is hidden in the sample. This fluorescent light is detected by the PCR machine and specific software to detect the positive test result.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive the results of your COVID-19 PCR test as early as 24 hours after sample collection. However, it might take a few days depending on how long it takes to deliver the sample to the laboratory and how many other samples are lined up for testing. You can get results if the tests are conducted at the clinics that have an onsite lab. However, clinics that send away the samples for results or have a backlog of tests can take a week.

No. RT PCR test can only identify and diagnose an active infection but cannot tell how infected someone is.

Besides detecting SARS-COV-2 genetic material, each RT-PCR diagnostic test can detect a small portion of a patient’s genome. Detecting the genetic materials in a particular specimen determines the quality of the specimen and the processing steps of the test. If there is any genetic material, then a lab can be sure that the viral genetic material was not degraded, and the test result is precise.

It works by finding genetic materials from SARS-CoV-2 that is responsible virus for COVID 19. When someone is infected, they have this genetic material in the nose and upper throat. In this test, the sample is collected with a swab from an area of the nasal passage which is likely to be a breeding ground of viral particles.

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